Cedarville/Les Cheneaux Islands - PhotoAup

Boathouse was built in 1913-1914.

This property consisted of about 23 acres of land on which stood a large handsome boathouse, a beautiful spacious lodge, a caretaker's cottage and several smaller buildings to house an electric generating plant and water pump. The buildings were all finely constructed of California Redwood and elaborately designed. The property also included a functional clay tennis court. The buildings had been constructed in the years 1913 and 1914 for Mr. Arthur Fleming who had originally purchased the property in 1908. Mr. Fleming, a railroad magnate, had also been an official of the Statler Hotel chain. He became internationally known when he financed the railroad car in which the Peace Accord was signed following World War I. (from http://www.lcyachtclub.org/pages/history.htm)